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Goa is one of the greatest visited places in India as there are so many places to visit in Goa. Goa is known for the remarkable beaches it has. In fact, the beaches of Goa are so good that they are famous all over the world. People from every corner of the world come to visit Goa and it is also careful to house some of the best beaches in the whole world. Goa is not just about beaches.

There are abundant tourist attractions in Goa and one can visit any of them. The state is not a very assorted place and the popular of the people here follow Christianity. Therefore, there are hundreds of minsters present in Goa. The churches in Goa is the ideal place to go if one wants some peace of mind and attach to their spiritual self. There are many water activities also which are done here. Jet skiing, kitesurfing, parasailing, and waterboarding are some of the water sports which one can do here.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach is the most celebrated of all Goan beaches and as a tourist visiting Goa you really haven’t been to Goa if you haven’t been to Baga. Full to the brim with doings you can indulge in, Baga Beach and its nearby areas will not give you time to get bored. There is always something exciting going on here. In the morning, the beach is a great place to lounge in, soak in the sun and interact with tourists from all over the world.

Calangute Beach

The main beach in Goa, Calangute Beach is also demonstratively known as the Queen of Beaches. It is among the top ten beaches in the world, which means it is one of the tourist places in Goa that you should not miss. It is a big, serene beach with activities enough to fill your mind for the entirety of your trip. The beach alone is a great desirability for tourists. The beach is ideal for both the options, lying down in the sand without the fear of being run over and trying your hand at some water sports.

Grand Island

There is no dearth of water connected activities in Goa, of course. But while the different beaches up and down Goa offer travelers many options, these options are not to be create all in one place. Not so in Grand Island. Grand Island is the nirvana of Goan water-sports. There is a lot to be knowledgeable here from diving to snorkelling to fishing. Scuba diving is the most popular activity in Goa because it offers so much in terms of underwater exploration.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls are located on the Goa-Karnataka border and are one of India’s must-see sights. The four-tiered waterfall construction is one of the tallest in India and is located on the Mandovi River. The white water waterfalls down from a height of nearly 1017 feet off a nearly steep mountain face. They form a part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Reservation and Mollem National Park, so the best way to reach them is by entering the national park and taking a van allocated by the park to the falls.

Tito's Street

Goa is India’s favorite party place. Consequently, you simply have to visit one of the many clubs dispersed around Goa on your visit there. Tito’s Street is one of the best clubs you can visit. Tito’s Street, named after the street it is located on, is a club that attracts a lot of crowd specially because of its prime location and its top-notch service. Baga beach, where the club is located, is a party hub so it is no wonder that loads of tourists find their way to Tito’s Street after sundown.

Fort Aguada

Another legacy from the Portuguese, Fort Aguada has been perpendicular stern on the beach facing the Arabian Sea from 1612 when it was built in order to provide defense against the invading Dutch and the Marathas. It was a grand old fort in its time with the volume to hold 79 cannons among other arms of defense. It was one of the prized possessions of the Portuguese. Today, it stands as a famous landmark dividing the Sinquerium Beach and the Candolim Beach.

Palolem Beach

Palolem is one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches, or at least used to be till it got swarming by commercialization in the form of huts and dealers. Nonetheless, its nonviolent waters bordered by promontories are still very attractive. It is a popular tourist charm of South Goa. The location makes its sea calmer than others and you can walk almost 100m into the sea with ease. Not only are there many things to do on the Palolem Beach, there are many affects you do in the nearby locality.

Bom Jesus Basilica

One of the most important of all traveler places in Goa as well as a central momentous for Catholics, the Bom Jesus Basilica is the place in which the incorrupt body of St Francis Xavier is kept. The Church was built in 1605 and the body of the Saint was carried to it in 1622 where it has laid since in its glass mausoleum. The body is possibly the greatest attraction of the Basilica. A gallery of Modern Art is also a part of the Basilica.


Kothi is a gorgeous village nestled amidst verdant land and woodlands. It is placed on the road going towards the Solang Valley, almost 16 km left from Manali. The rustic charm of villages is pretty evident here. Painters, poets, and writers love to apply time here and unleash their originality, while enjoying breathtaking views around.

How to Reach

   By Plane

If you are coming to Goa by airways then the nearest international airport is located at Dabolim. Dabolim main airport is situated at a distance of almost 29 kilometers away from Panaji. This international airport is well connected with the major domestic cities as well as international major cities in U.K. and Germany as well.

   By Train

Via railways, it is quite easy to reach Goa as the major railway stations in Goa are located in Margao. The main railway station is known as Madgaon and Vasco-da-gama. These railway stations are well linked with Mumbai and then other major parts of the country as well.

   By bus

The nearest bus stand is Kadamba bus stand of Panaji which is considered as the main bus station. Even Goa has its own bus service that connects major cities in and out of the state which makes how to reach Goa very easy.

   By Luxury car

Travelers can also reach Goa through roadways as there are n numbers of buses offer their services to travelers by luxary car hire, taxi.

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